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My life is ending beautiful
Look far straight on the light
I want to leave this Prison Brain
To see the other side

Reality is far away
A dream so warm and deep
Beholds me tight eternally
In never ending sleep

No fear for the bad end
On a greatful day
No tears for the dead friends
We`ve lost along the way ://

I`m wandering through my memories
Like pictures on the wall
The whole life in a gallery
Like echoes from a call

Then darkness comes around me
Only far away the light
But there is something invisible
That leads me through the night

Ref: //: No fear for the... ://

Full of trust I close my eyes
And hold a strangers hand
Far from fear I walk my way
Maybe into promised land

I open up my eyes again
And look into the light
Find myself in front a door
With nobody beside

Ref: //: No fear for the...://

I pass the door and step inside
From dark night into day
And find what we are all searching for
The end of a long way

But I can`t believe in what I see
All the secrets of a man
Cause everything I`ve left behind
Is now in front again

Ref: //: No fear for the...://

Text: Manuel Ehrhardt