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Lifestyle Terrorist

I walk outside and pass the border
To leave my chaos and disorder
I try to find a better way
Behind the daily grey
Woke up myself to understand
The dark side of intelligence
I free my minds and stop to hide
And step back into the light

In the name of revolution
I broke my chains for a solution
And walk against society
The cold machinery
I could be the king of self- destruction
In all the other peoples´minds production
But who should say that my way´s wrong
That´s why I´m going on

I am a lifestyle terrorist
A trend-leaving anarchist
A fashionless insurrectionist
I am a realist ://

Doubtless, sinful, in excess
Self-contained but far from stress
In my perceptions feeling free
That´s all I want for me
Not like the victims of desillusioning
Living their lifes in a television dream
Like human robots under control
Only what they need is what they know

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Their dependence from electric government
The poverty of a wrong demand
Remote controlled of a man-made reality
In a system of modern slavery
So in the name of revolution
I free myself from this brain pollution
My way is hard but I´m going on
Living fast and dying young

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Text: Manuel Ehrhardt