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Ragga Bomb

I get up inna di mawning wid an aggressive attack
And in a wicked a wicked a ringin di alarm clock strikes back
I´m feelin sad when I leave mi bed
Look out mi window and di sun shine red

I start mi day inna Ragga Man style
Get a riddim of day, man, just fi a while
Mi no wanna chat about a new day born
Mi life is a bleech on a summer day storm

Mi nah go a wuk mi betta stay pon mi yaad
Invite all mi friends fi di party can start
Drumkick bassline and a metal guitar part
Di lyrics dem rough an di beats dem a hard

So figet da wrong pictures of a leading golden west
Murderers of third world most time a depressed
Mr. Madness catch di money mek im feel best
Tek a di blindness of a di rich man see imself go dead stressed

A run dem a run a no joke dem a joke
A happy mi a happy mek wi a gwaan so
A bad man yu a bad man inna di show
A one wicked man ya i nung yu fi go

Text: Manuel Ehrhardt