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Teenager In Therapy

Laptops, e-books, mobile phones
Terrabytes and Game Of Thrones
X Box, tablets, 4K, Wii
Virtual and in HD
Facebook, TikTok, All Net Flat
The rising of the Walking Dead
Amazon and Microsoft
PayPal, Google, Lara Croft

Welcome to our century
Of internet and Trash TV
A new age of community
With teenager in therapy

Whatsapp, webcams, Apple Stores
Online porn with naked whores
WIFI in a Shisha Bar
Welcome to Social Media
Youtube, Twitter, Instagram
Private message, E-mail Spam
Hackers, Fast Food, Dating Apps
Burnouts, Heart and Mars Attacks


Transgender, Fitness Mania
Collecting friends and follower
Firewalls and Virus Scans
Fashion, Lifestyle, Diet Plans
Shitstorm, Likes and Fake Accounts
Haters, Votings, up's and down's
Mobbing, Fame and Climate Change
Life is tricky, mean and strange


Welcome to our century
In a digital reality
With online High Society
And Teenager in Therapy

Everything you want to be...
Only clicks away from you...

Text: Manuel Ehrhardt