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Reality went fade to grey
Shimmering colors blown away
My fears served on a silver tray
Madness defines my day
A dreary tale of loneliness
A poetry of social stress
I´m tired and emotionless
Encased behind a wall of glass

Depressions coming over me
Disturbing my insanity
I close my eyes but I still can see
A world of grief and misery
So in the scattering of light
With nothing but the pain inside
Shivering frightened in the night
I can not sleep and I can not hide

Hello darkness my old friend
Those painful visions you present
Make me pretend and understand
Mental illness will never end
I don´t know myself anymore
I´m lying naked on the floor
My mind is like an open door
I´ve never felt like this before

My mental instability
Seperates me from society
And like an empty battery
I´m loosing my humanity
I hear voices whispering
Expecting that I´m listening
But they don´t say something interesting
That´s what makes me a Victim

Text: Manuel Ehrhardt